WA360: The biggest on-the-water adventure you can have in your own backyard.

Don’t have time for R2AK, maybe not the skill, or you just haven’t dumbed enough to try it yet? Oh, yeah, or the border is still closed and we canceled R2AK again?

Introducing WA360—Northwest Maritime Center’s newest adventure race that’s COVID-conscious, logistically light, and the longest boat race Washington has to offer. Race starts June 7, 2021.

360 miles traveling through Washington and Puget Sound with nearly every water puzzle there is: currents, crushing seas, night navigation, flat calms, localized weather, and the siren song of a town at every horizon promising warmth and rest if you just quit.

WA360 is run with three race classes:

Go Fast
Go Hard
Human Powered

In addition to sailors, SUPs, kayakers, and rowers are totally welcome because those people are way tougher than anyone imagined, and just the thought of someone doing this race under human power alone inspires us.

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