R2AK Application

We are on for June 5, 2023. And again, barring gigantic dinosaur-extinguishing comets or the emergence of COVID version whatever, we will be on the water taking pictures like tourists and high fiving finishers. Our cancellation policy exists for a reason, so it’s worth knowing about.

Ready to sign up?

Whoa whoa whoa, hold your horses, partner. The deadline to apply was April 15. 

Application Deadline: April 15, 2023
Registration Deadline: April 30, 2023

This may be your last chance to reconsider. At the bottom of this page we are asking for a $50 non-refundable application fee. That’s right, you have to apply. We don’t let every wingnut with water wings into this thing, and the $50 only buys you into the vetting process.

Hey, even astronauts have to try out.

If you are approved you’ll be invited to fill out a lot more information, but consider it one of the many hurdles in this race, like finding a boat and getting in shape.

Two weeks. That’s how long we need to do the vetting process after you apply.

After your team is approved for the race you need to register. Registration is when you must pay your entry fee. Only after you register will you get a bio on the website.

The Slacker Tax.

In the past some of you jokers got accepted in January and then didn’t register til April. Fine, but if you’re going to leave us hanging until the last minute we’ve now got a Slacker Tax. (see below for details)


Full Race:

  • Registering by January 15: $50 per foot (LOA) plus $75 for each additional person plus $100 for the tracker rental
  • Registering between January 16 and April 15: $52 per foot (LOA) plus it’s still $75 for each additional person and $100 for the tracker rental
  • Registering after April 15: $54 per foot (LOA) and yes, you still need to pay $75 for each additional person and you definitely need a tracker, so $100 more for the tracker rental

Stage One:

  • Registering by January 15: $300 to race plus $75 for each additional person plus $50 for the tracker rental
  • Registering between January 16 and April 15: $350 to race plus $75 for each additional person and yes, you still need to add $50 for the tracker rental
  • Registering after April 15: $400 to race plus $75 for each additional person and, you got it by now, we need to track you, don’t forget the additional $50 for the tracker rental

Either leg:

$200 tracker deposit (refundable, unless you take it swimming). We’ll collect that the day before the race.

At least one PLB or EPIRB for your vessel and it must be actually registered. No, Garmin InReach or any other device that is not specifically an EPIRB or PLB won’t cut it. We know, they start at like 300 bucks here in the USofA, but they take the “search” out of Search and Rescue, and the Canadian Coast Guard wants them. So do we. We also have some sweet racer deals at Fisheries once you register, so don’t go buy it today (unless today is June 4th, then you should definitely buy one.)

Refund rules are here.

There is also a very long registration form, which will probably cost you a couple cups of coffee and 40 minutes to fill out. You’ll even have to resubmit boat photos and boat descriptions during the registration process.

Look here.

You’ve got to understand. Stage 1 of this race is called the Proving Ground because it’s some of the most wide open water in this race. It’s a wind funnel from the Pacific that’s filled with fog and freighters. Stage 1 is no fun run. If you are just racing to Victoria you will still be vetted as if you and your boat are going all the way to Alaska.  Arrogantly Naive need not Apply.

Copy that? You need the skills and the boat to get to Ketchikan even if you are only going to Victoria.

And before we go, a quick note on border crossings.

The bottom line is this: it’s on you to make sure that you are allowed to cross any border that needs crossing. Taking into account any and all legal requirements and restrictions is just another part of the R2AK journey. This is particularly important these days in light of Covid, when borders can open and close more frequently than a midnight refrigerator door. So look into what it takes to get in, and check out the cancellation policy for some words on a few of the stickier situations we’ve thought about.

Well dang, you missed the deadline to apply. But if you insist, and really really want to apply anyway, Apply Now.