Each year in September at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, WA.

This year it’s September 8, 2023 at 6 PM.

It’s a reunion, awards ceremony, and a kickoff beer bash all wrapped into one!  And everyone is invited to join in.

In as much formality as we can muster, we’ve spent a year buying up the best/worst thrift store blazers that will be issued to any racer that attends. Non-racers, spectators, hangers-on, and general no-goodniks in attendance are encouraged to wear anything awesome that is not a blazer. We leave that honor to the racers.  (Alaska racers who completed the full race get to keep both sleeves of their blazers—volunteers with scissors are standing by for racers whose race ended south of Ketchikan.)

The Blazer Party is like Monte Carlo, except less gambling and yachts and more dogs and peanut shells. It’s a James Bond retirement party after he already blew his 401-K. This is an event no adventure race fan wants to miss!

It’s the R2AK Blazer Party.

An annual event to bring lovers of the race and racers together to share stories of this year’s race and be the first to hear changes to the races for the next year.

That’s right, information before the internet gets it. Also:

  • A presentation by Race High Command
  • Awarding of highly prestigious Awards, including:
    • Dirt Bag Award – least money sunk into the race
    • Most in Need of a Stiff Drink – Presented by Admiralty Distillers
    • And maybe more
  • A celebration of new World Records.
Buy a ticket for admission and get a free drink and fistfuls of finger food.

At the Northwest Maritime Center during the Wooden Boat Festival. Tickets cost money, unless you’re a racer and qualify for a discount, then they are a little less.