Tuesday, June 4th – Free! well most of it.

At Whitehall Rowing and Sail – (85 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC V8V 1A1 Canada) map it
7-8 Racer Dinner – $35 gets you food and a drink – tickets
8- ? Party – You get in for free.
Are you a racer? Don’t worry your pretty head. All this is yours for free.

Celebrate the done of Stage One and send the racers off to Ketchikan with a story.

We’re ginning up a party in Victoria for the racers. Whitehall Rowing & Sail were intoxicated enough to say yes to hosting.

You’ll have to pony up $35 for the food and your first drink, but Diana from Whitehall called us stupid to offer it at that price. We think that’s a compliment.

The Racer Dinner is 7 – 8 PM and if you come after 8 you don’t get food, but you get in for free. She said telling you this wasn’t a good idea either, but we just want a big party.

We know Whitehall builds damn fine boats and we hear it’s the same for parties.

There will be a band. There will be drinks. There will be racers, and us and slideshows playing photos of the boats.

All the spirit of Race to Alaska, 10% of the danger.