Victoria Open Docks

2022 date TBA
Come down to the Victoria Inner Harbour docks to see the boats and meet the racers before they head out for Alaska.

Victoria Racer Party

June 14, 2022

Where: TBD
When: June 14, 2022
Racer Dinner – $35 gets you food and a drink
2022 Party – You get in for free.
Are you a racer? Don’t worry your pretty head. All this is yours for free.

Celebrate the done of Stage One and send the racers off to Ketchikan with a story.

We’re ginning up a party in Victoria for the racers in the very gothic bowels of Victoria at the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

It’s a highly cultivated dinner to invoke the Last Supper we had always wished for before embarking on the unknown journey of salvation or damnation. We mean, it’s a sendoff party for the racers.

R2AK Racers hanging out in Victoria

You’ll have to pony up $35 for the food and your first drink, but that is little compared to the glittery residue of adventure and triumph you will be wearing after rubbing elbows with these titans. Tickets coming soon.

The Racer Dinner – 8 PM and if you come after 8 you don’t get food, but you get in for free.

We know telling people means someone might show and that gives us a little performance anxiety, but what the hell; this race is about taking risk.

There will be music. There will be drinks. There will be racers, and us, and slideshows playing photos of the boats. For dinner. For fun. Or to let people rub your lucky rabbit’s foot. It’s all worth it.

Come on down.

R2AK Racer in Victoria, BC