Help us keep Port Townsend’s adventure sailing race thriving!

We are hosting all the race teams at our free Pre-Race Ruckus.  We are talking: food, drinks and most importantly, race crews and race teams. When R2AK was said to be like the Iditarod, but with a chance of drowning, these teams are the ones that said, Hell yes! Count me in!

It’s a rogues’ gallery of scoundrels, infamous sailors, backyard heroes and bold adventurers. By volunteering you get the worst reason and best excuse to spend the day with them and send them off with a proper party. Think of it as a 6-hour benediction before the race start.

The Northwest Maritime Center deftly handles our minion recruitment, so if you’re interested in being part of Race to Alaska, please click the button below to take the first step towards becoming an official Race to Alaska Minion! There’s a simple volunteer application you’ll need to fill out. After which you can select jobs and shifts that float your particular boat.


Safety & Paparazzi Crew Volunteers



R2AK Volunteer Safety Corps

The R2AK Safety Corps is a hand-picked team dedicated to keeping the foolhardy masses supervised, if not supported. The Corps is divided into Vessel Inspectors, SPOT Tracker Trainers, War Room Support, and on-the-water Race Support Vessel teams.