Just ask yourself, “Self, what could I do to test my mettle the weekend before the R2AK?” If you answered, “A burly, pre-race to R2AK—where the greatest competition for yourself is yourself. A race super accessible to compete in. A race that is tough but still lets me update Instagram,” we’d say, “Hell yeah. You nailed it.”

Since 2018 SEVENTY48 has been the answer. Seventy miles. Forty-eight hours. All human power.

That’s right; we won’t even let you have a sail for this race. Every team that races kicks in 100 bucks to the prize money, which we split up among the races four classes:

  • By yourself (solo)
  • Facing forwards (ie kayaks and most pedalled craft)
  • Facing Backwards (mostly rowboats)
  • Standing up (mostly SUPs)

We created a website for this baby, check it out.