Just ask yourself, “Self, what’s the perfect growth for R2AK?” If you just answered, “Race classes,” get the hell outta here; we’ve heard that same nonsense since year one—get over it. But if you answered, “A burly, pre-race to R2AK—where the greatest competition for yourself is yourself. A race super accessible to compete in. A race that is tough but still lets me update Instagram,” we’d say, “Hell yeah. You nailed it.”

Meet SEVENTY48 Seventy miles. Forty-eight hours. All human power.

That’s right; we won’t even let you have a sail for this race. It’s a winner-takes-all cash prize. You get to bring as many apples as you want because the race doesn’t go into Canada. And yes, it’s a concept fueled by beers and reeking of a bad idea, but we are so okay with that nowadays. And tell your friends, the lazy ones, because every team that races kicks in 100 bucks to the prize money, and it all could be yours.

We created a website for this baby, check it out.