Racer Alley at the Wooden Boat Festival

September 6-8, 2019

When R2AK was said to be like the Iditarod, but with a chance of drowning, you are the ones that said, Hell yes! Count me in!

When SEVENTY48 was said to be worse than beating yourself with a hot poker you said, Sign me Up!

Help us keep Port Townsend’s adventure racing thriving by volunteering at the Racer Alley at the 43rd Wooden Boat Festival. What the hell is that? It’s a big tent just for Race to Alaska, SEVENTY48, and 48° North. It’ll have seats (couches?), boats all around, all kinds of stuff to look at, and maybe a cooler in the back with some beverages. Music? Sure! Video? Maybe!

By volunteering you get the worst reason and best excuse to spend the day at the Festival. You get in free, and all we ask is that you answer questions and tell stories. Face it! You have done something incredible, and your story needs telling. Help translate these incredible adventures to those yet to find theirs.

The Northwest Maritime Center deftly handles our minion recruitment, so if you’re interested in being part of the volunteer corp, look below to take the first step towards becoming an official race representative! There’s also a simple waiver you need to fill out because that is the society we live in. After which you can select shifts below that float your particular boat.

Important Information:

What to wear? How about your racer shirt? For your shift you’ll get a lanyard that identifies you as a racer. Wear it! People want to talk to you.

We totally welcome you to work as many shifts as you like; work 3 shifts and get a Festival shirt.

photo by Mark Saran