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Photo by Liv von Oelreich

The Race to Alaska is now in theaters and streaming devices!

After chronicling the race for 5 years, R2AK Film Boss Zach Carver and his team of filmmakers have turned the race into a movie.

The Race to Alaska is a visceral experience. Filled with suspense and humor, the film is an account of people with larger-than-life personalities testing themselves, and pulling through, time and again. It showcases camaraderie and competition, immersing the audience in the racers’ emotions and experiences —hardship, danger, success, frustration, and elation. From the quirky to the sublime, from Olympic athletes to high schoolers, the characters in this film show that there’s no one way to do the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

The film leapfrogs from racer to racer, boat to boat, as racers journey up the Inside Passage to Alaska. The landscape in this part of the world is freshly carved by glaciers, and burnished by salt and wind. Coastal mountains meet deep, icy water laden with fierce currents. Boats break, teams drop out, racers fix broken masts and pedal drives on the fly.

The Race to Alaska mixes raw racer-shot footage with vast aerials and in-depth interviews to tell the story of the race’s improbable inception and the journey of the men and women who have answered the call to action. These everyday heroes challenge themselves to find their edge on an exhilarating, engineless charge through the Pacific Northwest, traversing one of the most complex and beautiful race courses on Earth