Team Narrows Minded

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Team members: Ghislain Devouton, Fred Pergola, Art Petitpierre
Hometown: Seattle, WA, USA
Race vessel: Farrier F25C
LOA: 26′ 7″
Human propulsion: Pedal
Connect: website, instagram

Back for its second attempt in two years, the F25C Mojo has convinced yet another set of France-to-North America transplants to point her bow to Alaska. Ghislain, Arthur, and Fred spoke with Nikki Henderson (herself a two-time R2AK winner) and discussed fear of rocks, plotting brave (X) and stupid (Y) on a graph, and ratios of sail area to displacement to liters of Bordeaux.

The Race to Alaska Podcast
Episode 1: Team Narrows Minded & Team Spirit of Nevetz
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