Stage 2, Day 18: Hold Your Breath

The good folks of Bella Bella are advised to keep off the water as the Grim Sweeper passes through sometime this afternoon.

Team Outtaspace arrived in Ketchikan last night at the precise hour of “We’re not tired; you’re tired.” The trio of Caleb (son), Carlin (mom), and Olin (other guy), hit the finish line with cheers from the Canadian contingent (Team Victory Oar Duff and Team Fairly Fleabag), the usual suspects (various Ketchikanians), and Race Command.

Two teams remain out there: Team Spirit of Nevetz and Team Mr. X. These legends aren’t just racing, they’re on a relentless odyssey, pushing harder and longer than anyone else. Both are solo—their only companions are whales and intrusive food-thoughts. We can only imagine their condition, so we’re standing by with blister cream, dry underwear, a couple of Bic razors, and a palanquin.

Our pencils are down to nubs, and Race Command is looking a bit bleary-eyed from non-stop tracker-watching (just like you). Today keeping it short and sweet. Eyes on the prize, folks. Done is nearby.

R2AK out.

06.29 Outtaspace Finish Weintrob 9

Photos by Garret Weintrob

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