Stage 2, Day 1: R2AK Eve: Open House/R2AK’s Secret Service Code Names

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Publishing schedules being what they are, by the time you read this there will be far more interesting things to pay attention to than whatever happened Wednesday, thematically the most boring day of the week and the lay day before the start of the Race to Alaska. 

Today, you should be watching the live stream of the Victoria start on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, cheering on your favorite teams, and swearing at the tracker. For the racers, Wednesday was the dockside open house where fans from the global corners of R2AK Nation came down to bask in the presence of the hearty adventurers about to venture forth on the world’s longest and most engineless Race to Alaska. 

Like the racers, the four boat, 20 person media armada was chatting with fans, making final equipment checks, stocking up on foods, talking strategy, and preemptively swearing at the tracker. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day, best to put a few of those in the bank. 

WIth everyone dockside, Wednesday was content light, so we thought tickle whatever part of your body enjoys these updates by cracking open the black box and letting you peek at a never before revealed bit of secrecy: Race to Alaska’s Secret Service code names. 

According to movies we’ve watched and wikipedia, US presidents’ bodyguards have code names for the first family. Jimmy Carter was “Deacon”, Ronald Reagan was “Rawhide” (there are others that are interesting but not as funny).

Did you know that R2AK teams have Secret Service code names?  Us either, but if they did we’d probably start with these—which may or may not be names that members of media crew sputter when we can’t remember the actual names. Some of our favorites: 

Team Pestou: Pesto Pasta, Pesty Festy

Team Unsalted Nutz: Team Deez, Testy Festy

Team Toybox Express: Toybox Surprise Inside, Jack in the Box, Insta Bait

Team Flow State Wing Foil:  Wingfoil Guy, Picnic Face

Team We Brake for Whales: Jeanne Goussev and the Whalers

Team Madame Oaracle and the Prairie Porch Pirates: Madame Ovaries, Janet Ian and the other people

Team Fisheries Supply Monkey Fist: Sock Monkey, Questionable George, Monkey Fisting, The best team in the history of R2AK (Fisheries Supply are our sponsors too)

Team Mojo: Mojito (pronounced with a hard “J”), San Fran Frenchies, Ou est la Bibliothèque?

Team Duke: Blue Devils, Duke Nukem, Baron Von Tim

Team Supernautiloid: Stranger Rangers, Super Not Annoyed, Super Not a Lloyd, Super Duper Bois, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Team Buckeye: Black Eyed Peas, Team Ribeye, Ohio

Team Lillian’s Vacation: Lillian

Team Bella Bella and Beyond: Bella Bella and Beyonce, Bed Bath and Beyond

Team SeaSmoke: Up in Smoke, Cheech and Chong, Smokey and the Bandit

Team Ruf Duck: Rubber Ducky

Team Zen Again Dog: Zen Dog

Team Ship of Fools: Jester boat, Plato Fun Factory

Team Dacron and Denim:  D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, Team Fashionably Late

Team SUP N Irish: Paddle Boy

Team Mike and Marty’s Big Day Out: Rick and Morty, Mork and Mindy, Cagney and Lacey, Weekend at Bernies

Team Sporting Chance: Sporty Pants, Sporty Spice 

Team Hornblower: Horn Boy, Lil’ Nas Toot Toot, Horatio Jones and the Rowcruiser of Doom

Tres Equis: Dos Equis, Tres Leches, Quattro Formaggio

Enough nonsense, race time. R2AK: out. 

R2AK Eve Questions: Lightning Round

Header photo by Jim Meyer