We’re bringing you new ways to follow the race this year: Field Reporters! Three hungry media pros are heading up our efforts to get more, deeper, and factually based stories from the race in a timely manner. Hop on their social media and you can follow their unbiased take on the race, and we’ll be posting their gems on our social channels, too.

Field Report: Having What It Takes to Finish Race to Alaska

July 7, 2022 By Rebecca Ross, Field Reporter If you’ve been following Race to Alaska, you know how unbelievably challenging the race is— especially for the human-powered teams. For most people, making it to the finish line requires unbelievable mental fortitude and physical stamina, especially if the weather gods aren’t particularly kind during those taxing…

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Field Report: Bella Bella

July 6, 2022 By Lynnette Oostmeyer, Field Reporter To me, Bella Bella, BC, simply marked a place in the race where I would no longer have the option to spend time with the teams. I was told that if I wanted to camp with anyone, it had to be before Bella Bella—that is where our…

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Jim Meyers has been a commercial and adventure photographer/writer based in Seattle, WA since 1998. Seriously. That’s all he does.

He cut his teeth wandering the creeks of Eastern Pennsylvania, going all-in on just about anything outdoors. This lead him to attend college in Colorado where the mountains and rivers sealed his fate. He’s since made a living in the “Outdoor Industry” writing and shooting stories, along with more than a few hang tags and blog posts. He was drawn to cover the R2AK by lore, mystery, the creative challenge and an insatiable thirst for immersing himself in ridiculous, “Type II Fun” adventures.

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Rebecca Ross has called the Pacific Northwest home for the past twenty-something years. Thankful for her proximity to the Cascades, she was able to replace her career as an epidemiologist for the outdoors—longing for something more exciting than sitting behind a desk from 9-5. In 2017, she discovered joy in mountaineering. Since then, she’s won several grants and scholarships that enabled her to extend climbing beyond the Cascades to international climbs, including Mount Kazbek in the Republic of Georgia and Pico de Orizaba in Mexico. While documenting her climbs, she discovered another passion—outdoor sport, lifestyle, and adventure photography. Last year in 2021, she was a recipient of the Open Aperture Photo Clinic, honing new skills as a rock climbing photographer (you can view her published work in Climbing Magazine).

Aside from climbing and photography, she’s also a writer for several online publications and websites as a gear reviewer, ghostwriter, and copywriter—often combining all three!

No stranger to unique, thrilling adventures, Rebecca is ready to get out on the sea, en route to Alaska, documenting the incredible Race to Alaska.

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Lynnette Oostmeyer is a freelance visual journalist living and working in northwestern Oregon. She is currently focusing on documentary photography and short documentary filmmaking. She feels that journalism lets her walk in the shoes (or float in the boat!) of every person she meets and gives her an insight into lifestyles she has never experienced. She wants to share these experiences with everyone she can through her work.

Lynnette has experience shooting in numerous situations, nationally and internationally, from natural disasters to intimate stories in peoples’ homes. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Photojournalism from Southern Illinois University in 2013, and a Masters of Science in Multimedia Journalism, focusing on video storytelling, from the University of Oregon in 2019.

She feels that her adventurous nature, and love for documenting the messiness of the human experience, influences her desire to find and document the fighting spirit in every person she meets.

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