2015 Full Race Results

Full Race Finishers- Congratulations all!

This leg of the race started at 12:00 PDT in Victoria, British Columbia on June 7, 2015.

Team Name Place Time Notes
Team Elsie Piddock  1st  5d 1h 55m World Record
Team MOB mentality  2nd 8d 3h, 45m  WR: Fastest Canadian Team
Team Por Favor 3rd 8d 3h 49m  WR: Fastest Monohull
Team Freeburd  4th  9d 7h 24m WR: Fastest beach cat
Team Kohara  5th  9d 10h 52m  WR: Fastest Catarmaran over 25?
Team Uncruise  6th  10 d 4h 48m  WR: Fastest Father/Daughter Team
Team Soggy Beavers 7th  11d 4h 24m WR: Fastest paddled craft
Team Mau  8th  11d 18h 24m  WR: Fastest bot under 20?
Team BLackfish  9th  12d 12h 10m  WR: Oldest participant to complete
Team Grin 10th    12d 13h 7m  WR: Fastest monohull 20?-30?
Team Discovery  11th 13d 1h 10m WR: Fastest solo finisher
Team Excellent Adventure  12th  18d 22h 52m  WR: Fastest monohull under 20?
Team Boatyard Boys  13th  22d 7h 52m  WR: Lowest cost boat to finish
Team Mike’s Kayak  14th  23d 4h 59m  WR: Fastest kayak
Team Barefoot Wooden Boats  15th  26d 2h 33m WR: Fastest boat built for R2AK