Race to Alaska Yacht Club

Have you dreamed of joining a yacht club but pesky details get in the way?

  • You don’t own a yacht
  • You are comfortable with the size of your prestige
  • There is no way you are ponying up more than ten bucks to belong to anything

Well friend, Race to Alaska has the yacht club for you!

For ten dollars and a short online form you can join the newest international yacht club that has convenient reciprocal virtual locations worldwide.

You’ll also get the inside track on R2AK info, exclusive invites to R2AK events, a membership card identifying you as a Vice Commodore—that’s right, everyone is a Vice Commodore.

There are two ways to join the R2AK Yacht Club:

Self-service: $10
Ten bucks, even you can afford to be part of the joke.

Have you ever become an Internet ordained minister of the Church of Universal Life? This is kinda like that, but with boats. Fill out the form, give us ten bucks, and you’re not only in, you’re a Vice Commodore. Print out your own damned card, buy any R2AKYC gear you like. You’re entitled, you are a Vice Commodore after all.

Epaulet club: $125
For a measly Benjamin, Jackson, and a Lincoln you’ll become a Vice Commodore of the R2AKYC and get the following “complimentary” gifts:
• Parking pass valid at participating parking lots*
• Letter of Marque to obtain reciprocal moorage from participating yacht clubs*
• R2AKYC membership card
• Official “Blazer-Tee” for formal club functions.r2ak-member-card
• R2AKYC mug that lets the world and your coffee know that you are a Vice Commodore of the least/most prestigious yacht club in the world.
• One year Crew level membership to the Northwest Maritime Center, an actual organization and the one that pulls off the R2AK plus a bunch of other great stuff. Trust us.

*At present time there are no participating parking lots or moorage arrangements, but if you are like us you can use all of this to bluff your way into free stuff.

Sign up now or forever regret not doing it.