Presentations and Events to Horrify and Entertain
We’re taking the R2AK show on the road to share behind the scene stories of teams and race organizers, rarely seen footage and the opportunity to ask your own question like

“Do you require psychological evaluations of racers?”

Follow up question: 

“did anyone fail?”

Hey, we love to talk about the Race to Alaska and do so often.  If you have an occasion you’d like to have us come give a presentation contact us, and we’ll try to accommodate.  Hell, we even went to Arizona last year.  Thinking of something, give us a shout.  And when we have presentations scheduled that are open to the public, we’ll post them here.

Past Events

Feb 15 at the Foss Waterway Seaport

Tacoma, WA

5:30 PM and Free

We are joining forces with the Seaport and giving a race presentation by Race Boss, Daniel Evans. He’ll be telling stories from his perspective, talking about the unbelievable last two years and looking into the crystal ball for 2017. It’s a chance to meet other people who actually think this is a good idea!  Get directions here.  More info here.
Feb 24 at the Corinthian Yacht Club

Seattle, WA

6 PM and Free

See the team that took first last year and hear their saga.  More info here. 
March 7 at the Puget Sound Yacht Club in Lake Union

Seattle, WA

8:00 PM and Free

Daniel Evans “the Race Boss” discusses the Race to Alaska on March 7 at 8 pm. Northwest Multihull Association meets at Puget Sound Yacht Club on Lake Union,  2321 N Northlake Way, Seattle. There is a pot-luck supper starting at 6:30 pm, then a club meeting at 7:15 pm, then the speaker’s presentation begins around 8 pm. Free. All are welcome. For more information: (206) 795-2111