R2AK Team: Shearwater Internship Program for 2019

Application Deadline April 15. (Ides of April)

Race to Alaska is founded on audacity, simplicity and the get-it-done mentality that forged the first explorations into the rugged North American coast. We are putting out a call for production teams to help tell that story to the world.

Do you want to work where the rugged mountains meet the untamed ocean? Do you want to spend some days split between working in the editing room, interviewing race teams and speeding around on small boats? Do you want to do it in one of the most gorgeous northern resorts humans have made? Are you legal to enter Canada?

r2ak_fullcourse_map_finalWe are seeking a team of two to wrangle footage, edit a message, drive a boat, and live in remote locations in the wilds of Canada.

AS A TEAM can you…

  • Be ready to get to it May 30 and lean into it til June 27?
  • Know how to drive a boat with an outboard?
  • Work a camera?
  • Use wireless microphones?
  • Can you edit video and make short pieces of creative work that tell a story? Convey an emotion? Get a heart racing?
  • Work well as a team?
  • Read charts/basic navigation?

You don’t have to be it all, but both of you do.

This race is awesome and is made that way by the people who race it and the teams that manage it. You’d both need to be creative, real problem solvers and be able to execute a vision and get to it.

This team would be working under our Film Boss, as a part of a hardy team of film makers who will be crisscrossing 750 miles of remote coastline, and you two would be the beating heart in the center of it all, taking what film you and the rest of the team capture and turning it into a story.

We love you already for even thinking about it.  And if you think you want to throw your hat in… then just do it.

What you get:

  • A chance to spend two weeks in a staggeringly beautiful and extremely remote part of the BC’s central coast
  • Airfare from Vancouver or Victoria to Bella Bella
  • Wireless hot spot
  • Camera
  • Mic
  • Foul Weather Gear
  • Two rooms at the resort
  • Meals
  • Dry Bags
  • Use of 17-foot fishing boat w/ 60-hp outboard and wheel steering
  • Fuel

  • To apply for the Bella Bella Internship you will need to answer some questions and some other stuff.  It's all below. To begin with please take some time and answer these questions.
    1. What experience (if any) do you have collaborating or working together as a team? Why are you a good team, and the best team for this specific endeavor?
    2. What, in your opinion, makes a great short video?
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Your Background

  • Your work

  • Load up to 3 individual videos or clips (not to exceed 15 minutes TOTAL) one video MUST BE SOMETHING YOU BOTH SHOT AND EDITED

  • Personal Information

  • 2nd person

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.