2nd place steak knives in all their glory

So what’s the story with the steak knives? Watch¬†Glengarry Glen Ross, baby, it all starts there.

They’re not worth much but you have to take 2nd Place to get them. In year one,¬†they were shared between Team MOB Mentality and Team Por Favor after a battle for the finish line when mere minutes decided a 750 mile race. In year two, Team Jungle Kitty Skiff Foundation brought their own steak to the award ceremony to test the power of the knives. Sorry PETA.

Yes, our coveted steak knives have a sponsor. And who better to bestow this honor upon than Ketchikan? Not part of Ketchikan. ALL of Ketchikan. EVERYTHING THAT IS KETCHIKAN.

Here are the businesses that thought this was a good bad idea and made it happen: