Get Bankrolled

Got more time than money? More skills than bankroll?

Our pals at First Federal are looking to field a team in this year’s R2AK, and since no one responded to Deborah’s breakroom post-it note, they’re looking for teams interested in carrying the banner in exchange for paying their way.

They’ve got vaults full of cash. You’ve got the boat, the crew, your god-given good looks, and the R2AK fire in your belly. This could be a match made in heaven.

Consider them your Daddy Warbucks, Oprah, and a leprechaun all rolled into one.

Here’s how it works:

1. Apply for the race here like everyone else.

2. Once you’re accepted, submit a short video by March 1st extolling just how damned impressive you are and why you deserve to be bankrolled. Email your .mp4 video to Like the race itself we’re going to be annoyingly ambiguous about what we’re looking for in your video—be impressive, be convincing, don’t get creepy. We’ll order adderall online from mexico post your entry here and share with the Twitterpated, Facebookies and SnapChaps who can harangue us with their support until the decision is made and announced on March 15th. Beware the Ides…

3. If you’re good-looking and impressive enough you’ll be anointed as Team First Federal, get your registration fee waived for the full R2AK, have a couple videos made of your team, including the coveted Clip of the Day as well as a bunch of custom gear to make your trip north just a little less horrible. All of that, and if your credit checks out you may be eligible for a moderately low APR.

Already in the race? You can apply too. Just skip to Step 2 above, and if you’re the Chosen One we’ll give you your money back. Now get shooting, and if you want someone from HR on your team, we’ll get you in touch with Deborah.