Get Bankrolled

Got more time than money? More skills than bankroll?

Our pals at First Federal are looking to field a team in this year’s R2AK, and since no one responded to Deborah’s breakroom post-it note, they’re looking for teams interested in carrying the banner in exchange for paying their way.

They’ve got vaults full of cash. You’ve got the boat, the crew, your god-given good looks, and the R2AK fire in your belly. This could be a match made in heaven.

Consider them your Daddy Warbucks, Oprah, and a leprechaun all rolled into one.

Five teams put down the tools, paused the training session, and looked to the camera in hopes of becoming the First Federal team of note. They all deserve it, by God! But there can be only one.

Congrats to the winner!

Check out First Federal’s Team Sail Like a Girl

And everyone else who didn’t win…