Does your R2AK obsession run deep? Get your Backstage Pass and join our elite squad of race fans who show their devotion by ponying up for exclusive R2AK events at the Ruckus; swag, box seats for the start, and bragging rights for a whole year for knowing the race a bit more intimately than the Average Joe. We only offer this for 12 people.

Get this experience for just $250, or purchase the Larry Ellison Pass for $100,000, and get everything below PLUS you automatically win the race without entering.  It all happens at the Ruckus. This is a fully guided experience so there’s no homework, no tests. We do it all for you.

The Backstage Pass includes:

Pre-Race Ruckus! June 13
  • Private race boat tour with NWMC Executive Director Jake Beattie. Get inside select vessels and get insider info for when you’re laying your bets. He might even give you a shoulder rub.
  • Front row seats to the coveted Skippers Meeting. Hear the inspiring words of the Race Boss. Think about places in your life you can apply them other than in a boat heading for Alaska. That will be tricky when he gets into the SPOT Tracker stuff, but otherwise prepare to have your mind blown. Boom.
  • Prime seating for the inaugural panel discussion SUPing Awesome! A 90-minute panel featuring adventure legends in Stand Up Paddling: Karl Kruger, Josh Collins, and more. Also presenting and moderating the discussion in Dean Burke, a competitive SUP racer and outspoken presenter on both clean water efforts and our relationship with the sea. It’s the first time these titans of the sport have been in the same room. What’s left of your mind… gone.
Race Day June 14
  • Reserved space for the race start on an expensive boat tied to the dock that is part of the race start line. Includes view of the start, breakfast snacks, coffee, mimosas, special coffee, and a know-it-all Race Guide to answer any questions you haven’t already answered yourself with your enviable, in-depth knowledge of this race.  In summary, free mimosas.
  • Opportunity to skip over to a sweet house on North Beach after the start to watch the teams as they head out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.


June 13, Pre-Race Ruckus

1300: Meet at the Cotton Building for a Socratic stroll with R2AK Lead Instigator Jake Beattie. Get the backstory on teams, boats, and the R2Ak genesis.

1315: Begin said stroll with Jake and enjoy exclusive Q&A opportunities with team members and race officials. Ask all the questions you’ve been wondering. Why do people think this is a healthy thing to do? or What do you do for your real job?  And yes, you get to travel about in an all electric open air coach.

1445: Head over to the Legion for front-row seats at the 2018 Skippers meeting. (Ear plugs are usually advised when the Race Boss is talking…he’s Alaskan). Meeting starts at 15:00.

1600: Find your seat for SUPing Awesome! over at the Maritime Center. Have a drink on us and see what incredible looks like.

June 14, Race to Alaska Race Start

0430–0530: Backstage Pass holders get a boat tied to the start line dock full of breakfast foods and drinks. Grab your mimosa and place our bets! Because it’s the best start line seats you can find.

0515–0630: After-party race viewing at a private party on North Beach. Follow the racers as they enter the Strait of Juan de Fuca and start stretching their legs to Victoria. Oh, more breakfast food and drinks.

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