Race to Alaska Alula Fund

Make a donation to the Alula Fund and support adaptive sailing.

R2AK’s Team Alula captured the attention and imagination of people across the globe who followed the team’s heroic campaign in one of the world’s toughest adventure races- made tougher by the fact that they are folks that use wheelchairs.

Watch CNN’s featured video of their journey.

In their honor, the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) is partnering regional non-profits focusing on access oriented outdoor activities, to create powerful maritime experiences for people with disabilities. “This is an exciting first for us,” said Jake Beattie, Executive Director of the NWMC. “Our mission is to get people of all ages and abilities out on the water and experience the powerful experiences of the sea. Spike and Zach inspired us to do more and stretch ourselves to serve the widest swath of participants. If they could get to Alaska, we can do this.”

628-150x150All funds raised will go to support adaptive sailing. By reaching the goal of $10,000 we will be able to launch our new partner program, offering disabled youth from around the country an opportunity to sail NW waters in the spirit of exploration, challenge and celebration. And if we don’t reach our goal? No sweat. All proceeds will go to existing Pacific Northwest year-around programs for disabled youth and adults to offer smaller on the water opportunities. It’s a win win and a chance to turn the inspiration Team Alula has given us all into real world opportunity.


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