Team Razzle Dazzle

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Team members: Katy Stewart
Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA USA
Race vessel: Angus Row Cruiser
LOA: 18′
Human propulsion: Row
Connect: facebook, instagram

Before biomimicry, radar, and apparently better judgement, rather than blending in, the WWI version of the royal navy decided that the best way to throw off attackers was to assault them with visual patterns that induced head scratchy mental dissonance. They called it, ‘Razzle Dazzle Camouflage,’ and beyond being a phrase impossible to say without jazz hands, it looked like something Picasso created during an epic hangover, when he had just stared at a zebra, and was mad at specifically you. Black and white linear shapes with no perceivable rhythm or logic, painted on naval vessels to confuse enemy lookouts. The idea was that if the enemy didn’t know which way your paint job was headed, when they did the math (by hand) to figure out where to point the guns, they would carry the one to the wrong place and miss. (It’s definitively bizarre/cool enough to check out:

Did it work? Absolutely not.

Despite and in celebration of that non-effectiveness, for the second year in a row, Team Razzle Dazzle (*jazz hands*) has that same kind of ‘hiding at the top of their lungs’ quality of the art deco camouflage of the same name. Last year their glitter-infused, sequin-forward utilitarian bid for R2AK glory on a razzle dazzled (*jazz hands*) F-27 trimaran rocketed them into a 16th place finish.

Top 20 finish, and they were never shot at by Germans. Score one for the camouflage.

This year Captain Katy is cashing in on the R2AK punch card, a, “Buy four, get one,” incentive program that we specifically created to lure her in for another one. (Score one for the punch card.) Why? Because she deserves it and we’re mean like that. Sorry, her family.

In the world of incentive programs, we’re sad to learn that we’re more like Starbucks than Dolemite. In R2AK the first one is full price, the fifth one’s free.

In case your math skills are, well, American, RazzDazz2020 has spent four of the last four summers heading engineless north with family and friends which she loves enough to jettison for a solo run to Ketchikan. The feeling is apparently mutual, and they have organized their own team without her (See Team Repeat Offenders.) The chicken and egg debate continues, but here on Team Razzle Dazzle’s page we can say without a doubt that Katy decided to go it alone without the dead weight of a husband, sisters, friends, and co-workers who accompanied her in previous years. Chances are we’ll say the opposite on theirs.

Her boat is arguably the most self-directed and collaborative part of her 2020 program. Designed by the guy who first human-powered a trip around the globe by boat and bike, the Angus Rowcruiser was developed by and for human scale voyaging, and became the first boat to find R2AK solo glory. The Angus Rowcruiser punches above its weight as a rowboat/sailboat/way to rid yourself of relatives for three weeks and 750 miles. It’s a rowboat, with a sailing rig, and a tiny cabin described at least once by the designer as a “coffin” where your remains in training would be happy to trade hypothermic exhaustion for claustrophobia. This particular boat was built and destructive tested in 2019 by Team Perseverance. Completed hours before the race, it ran the maelstrom that was Stage One, broke a centerboard, and went back to the drawing board. Doug is moving on to a production boat for 2020; Katy leaned on her skills as Salvage Master at Global Diving to put humpty back together in time for race day.

Welcome back to the R2AK, Team Razzle Dazzle (*jazz hands*). As no one says: fifth time’s a charm.