Team MBR (McGuffin Brothers Racing)

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Team members: Cianan McGuffin, Finn McGuffin, Callum McGuffin, Duncan Macdonald
Hometown: Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Race vessel: J24
LOA: 24′
Human propulsion: Oars
Connect: facebook, instagram, website

If you ask us, it was the steak knives, but that’s hardly the point.

It could just as easily have been an attaché full of golden light, the Maltese Falcon, or a sled named ‘Rosebud.’ The actual reason is unimportant, but it was in the late 20-teens that four brothers in their late teens/20’s stopped whatever Saltspring Island activity they were doing, stared at the R2AK that swarmed around their island, and reached a collective conclusion: “There is an undefinable but compelling reason that we are drawn into this adventure,” and Team McGuffin Brothers Racing was born out of its own name.

Their actual births were 18, 19, 19, and 22 years before their application hit our desk, a fact that puts them dead even with youngest team to ever enter.


More impressive: from their application alone they’ve already snagged two more R2AK records before they’ve even started:

  • First team with BMI that equals their age. There are some that come close, but 20-ish on the body mass index means these shredded cheesers* are way more impressive than the 45 year old who told us the same thing.
  • Second team to pull a full Private Ryan. Three actual and one honorary brothers on the same boat brings them slightly more than even-ish with Team Freeburd (2017) who were the first to risk an entire generation for R2AK glory. They won. 2nd place was Team Broderna, lost by 6 minutes; out brothered by one. If the false premise of number of brothers being an indicator of success was actually true, we should save everyone the hypothermia and parental stress and just hand them the ten grand right now.

Who are these ripped young’uns from the generation Millennials tell to get off their lawn? (Sure, probably their parent’s lawn, but you get the point.) Combined they are sailors who dinghy train on 49ers every week, paddle a SUP 40 miles a clip, hike the trails, paddle the dragon (the big racing canoe, not whatever else you just thought of). Short version: these guys aren’t waiting for life to happen, they’re happening to life. Our favorite part: their goal is to use their soon to be R2AK-glory to springboard themselves into the world of professional sailing. Their words: “We don’t see how Oracle Team USA could refuse us after we’ve completed this race!”

Two words: Larry Ellison. We’ve got history (video here).

While their guidance counselor might have just drank the other half of the bottle, she can rest easy on her desktop knowing they at least chose a boat well suited as any for taking them to the land of salty opportunity. J24 might be the ubiquitous racing sled for this or any race: keel to keep the wet side down, flared sides to keep the saltwater off the dry side, tiny cabin to create a bubble of sleepable moist between the rain and sea. There are over 5,000 of these things charging bouys worldwide; if you run the numbers like we didn’t, literally (read: ‘theoretically’) at any given moment there are no less than seven J24s sailing or nearly sailing somewhere. As far as we know, so far not one of them has gone engineless to Alaska. Cool.

Welcome to R2AK, Team McGuffin. When he hires you please give Larry our best, and tell him our offer is still good.

*Cheeser: Used primarily in northern Washington State. Refers to Canadians who cross the border to shop for big blocks of inexpensive American Cheese. (reference: Racial Slur Database)