Team Givin’ The Horns

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Team members: Alex Potter, Will Suto, Ian Chapman, Daniel Flanigan
Hometown: Goleta, California, USA
Race vessel: Corsair Marine F-31R
LOA: 31′
Human propulsion: Pedal power & rowing station
Connect: instagram, youtube

Beyond the fact that the alphabet seems to be interchangeable and meaningless, if the transitive property (if a = b, and b = c, then therefore a = c) has anything to teach us about bulturally appropriated truisms, it’s that they exist solely in the eye of the ceholder.  (Update: Thanks for all the fan mail, but no, neither of those are typos if b actually does equal c.)

What do we mean? Fair question. The question is best answered by juxtaposing two different takes on hammers from two different sides of the Pacific: On this coast we slow nod, wisely raise an eyebrow, and offer up ‘If the only tool you have is a hammer you see every problem as a nail.’ 5,000 miles west, on the other side of the biggest blue part of the map, they sage up with:  ‘出る釘は打たれる’ or, en the Inglés: ‘The nail that sticks out gets hammered.’

Transitively speaking, if Hammer A = Hammer B, then… well, we get confused. How can one hammer-shaped object simultaneously challenge us to think divergently while at the same time challenge us to conform? Brain hurt. Brain hurt.

Team Givin’ the Horns chooses ‘C’ in this East-West duality and sledgeomatics the whole thing as it middle fingers past this flawed metaphor at sailing speeds approaching enlightenment. Team Givin’ the Horns is the hammer and the nail. Namaste bitches!

The hammer/nail nature of their F-31 is undeniable. Other than a Melges 32 fueled by grit, talent, and estrogen, Trimarans tend to win this thinglike three out of four times. If R2AK is a nail then trimarans are clearly the hammer that sticks out. Team Givin’ the Horns looked at R2AK’s short history, nailed down a trimaran, and hammered out R2AK victory strategy that’s as standard as it is innovative as it is culturally transitive:

  • Get a trimaran
  • Get a bigger one
  • Find people who know how to sail it
  • Win

Wielding the three-headed hammer is a crack crew of Thor-like proportions. They’ve been up and down the California sail race circuit, raced the bikes, run the marathons, bike/run/swim the triathlons, and spearfish whenever they can; proving the truism we just made up: ‘If your only tool is a spear, the fish that sticks out gets dinnered.’ Beyond their coastal exploits, Team Givin’ the Horns has a bit of a reputation of wielding sledgehammer-sized multihulls: Orma 60s, Gunboats, MOD 70s and other high twitch rocket ships of the big boat world.

Welcome to the R2AK, Team Givin’ the Horns. That we nailed the prize money to a tree is not lost on us.