Team Educated Guess

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Team members: Evan Walker, Jake Newton, Max Fleischfresser, Peter Horton
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington USA
Race vessel: Melges 24
LOA: 24′
Human propulsion: Bicycle Drive
Connect: instagram, facebook
Boat name: Millennial Falcon
R2AK cred: no R2AK, but 140+ combined inside passage trips up the inside

If we had a theoretical runner up favorite event to the R2AK that was selected entirely for metaphoric opportunity, it would be the New Westminster Dog Show.

This Superbowl of Puppy Bowls is the end-all worldwide event that pits high twitch purebreds purely bred for whatever the hell good purpose a Corgie toy pitbull retriever could possibly have been systematically created for over the last known centuries. This one: bred for running around in a circle on a slack leash with its tail up just so. This one: doing exactly what it’s told. This one: running up ramps and over low fence things against a timer. This one is for sitting there and looking fluffy but dumb until the crowd cheers and they get to run around on a slack leash until a crowd of white people goes ballistic at its slackness.

If the NewWest dog romp is the Americas Cup for the canine set, then R2AK is the maritime ‘Incredible Journey’ style escape-porn playing right now at your local shelter’s ‘Please adopt me’ death row.

While we might have upped our survival bid by going big eyes and convincing them our name was ‘Elsa From Frozen,’ we find ourselves wondering how the clearly papered crew of Team Educated Guess find themselves one cage over, well-groomed, fast, and purebred AF.

If we were to eugenics this thing, we’d have created a breeding program to create this very team, then locked them into a Jason Bourne training program to replicate exactly how they spent their first 30 years. Team Educated Guess rolls heavy in all the things you needs to R2AK:

  • Fitness: Solid. All of them are on the bikes, all of them are under 30, most of them think the others are pansies.
  • Racing chops: Bonkers. Buoy racing, Transatlantics, Team USA world cups, Rolex Series’ pro-racing in the big boys, Team Educated Guess has descended to mix it up with the R2-hoi-paloi for reasons unknown. One’s even a naval architect understudy for a PNW legit legend with America’s Cup cred: Paul Bieker.
  • AK Experience: With hundreds of thousands of miles at sea and 140+ trips to Alaska, Team Educated Guess has more trips up the inside than just about anyone this side of a dugout canoe. True, on those trips they had the luxury of packing a tugboat wheelhouse as their outer thermal layer, but other than that, a dry bunk, a coffee maker, and a motor, the trips are going to be exactly the same.

Their boat is the 24-foot version of the 32-foot Melges that won last year. 2/3 the waterline, ½ the crew, Melges 24s have a big rig and planning hull that has YouTube proof of hitting 24 knots. If the Melges 32 is a greyhound, the 24 is a whippet; whippet: good. It also sports the best boat name we’ve heard in a long time: “The Millennial Falcon.”

Welcome to the R2AK, Team Educated Guess. Fast boat, solid chops, if you just go on the paper things will go just fine.