Team ACE

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Team members: Daniel Ackermann
Hometown: Ridgefield, Washington, USA
Race vessel: TriRaid 560S
LOA: 18.5′
Human propulsion: Hobie Mirage drive
Connect: facebook

There’s a base layer of ‘Apocalypse Then’ over generalized storyline that lurks just below the surface anytime someone says they were in combat in the 1970’s. It’s impossible not to jump to the nightmare reality of jungle, mud, malaria, the man in the black pajamas, and ‘You don’t know because you weren’t there’ sort of horrible of being in a war that we didn’t win and no one remembers wanting to be in in the first place. The last draft, 500,000 troops, and a war memorial tends to dominate the narrative.

Rather than being in the kind of combat most would rather forget, Team ACE’s adventure resume starts at the same time and a half-world away, fighting the fights that hardly anyone remembers. Willie Pete and napalm fires might have sucked all of the air out of the jungle, but other than an embassy falling in Iran, Vietnam sucked all of the attention out of a decade of U.S. armed conflict. While Saigon was falling, and wrapping up the forgone conclusion of SE Asia, Daniel Ackerman was paratrooping into the Angolan outback to play out his role in the complicated war zone of an entire continent officially de-colonizing itself; fighting terrorists at the violent and televised dawn of terrorism’s big reveal to western culture. Regardless of morality or whether or not anyone meets your return with a ticker tape parade, paratrooping into a civil war to fight terrorists… it doesn’t get more hardcore than that.

Team ACE’s run at adrenaline didn’t end when he was able to march on Veteran’s Day. Since he got is DD-214, his life reads like a pendulum swing between the extremes of the African desert (‘I intentionally got myself lost in the Namib desert to see what it feels like to be lost in the Namib desert.’) and the literal depths of watery immersion (‘Been to depths of 148 feet in the ocean and 160 feet in a decompression chamber.) It keeps going:

Land: ‘Iron Butt’ motorcycle rider: normally did 1,000 miles in 18 hours.

Sea: Helped police search for bodies and stolen goods.

Air: Jumped at the 2014 Normandy invasion commemorations.

His current attempt to balance ‘Ran with bulls in Pamplona’ into a watery equilibrium builds off of his extensive sailing certifications and racing experience in San Francisco Bay by taking some land time to build an 18-foot Triraid, a pedal-powered trimaran that took shape in his garage by his own hands over a recent period of land time. By the look of his Facebook page, the boat is done, sailing, and can clip along at 7+ knots if the wind is blowing and the chop is down.


Sure, he can sail, but can he survive if he gets blown ashore? Did we mention that he recently took 6 months off from his desk job as a tech consultant to instruct as a survival guide? When ‘Apocalypse Next’ hits the fan, make sure you’ve sucked up accordingly; you want Team ACE on your team.

Welcome to the R2AK, Team ACE. Whether you’re in the hole or up the sleeve, we’re chips in on you doing just fine.