Day 16: Ziska, beefcakes, and the different drummer examined

Clip of the Day
photo: Team Ziska by Spencer Weber

You might have noticed a certain smell in the air this morning; plumes of smoke wafted skyward as luddites worldwide lit their whale oil and coal-fueled boilers to build up enough pressure in their internet machines so they could tune in to see their standard bearer, Team Ziska, finish their marathon run whose latest starting line was 16 days to the stern. From the race to rebuild, to seemingly spending 18 of their 16 days upwind in light air in Hecate Strait, Team Ziska’s race is impressive stuff. In keeping with their pace and nature, their story will be told after the telegraph dit-dahs the info to the home office and we can line up typeset and start cranking this story out by hand. We’re sharpening our quills and twirling our mustaches in anticipation.

Until then, enjoy the Clip of the Day that highlights Team North2Alaska’s ideologically aligned campaign that was constructed in aluminum and powered by beefcake. Shirtless beefcake.

Whether it’s the prospect of 750 miles of shirtless hoorah, a chance to finish the race in a vessel that is roughly twice as old as Alaskan statehood, or for a higher calling to raise awareness and funds for saving the planet, Team Boldly Went takes us inside the motivations of a bunch of teams. It’s good stuff, and unless you hide under their therapist’s couch, you’ll never get closer to understanding what drove them to R2AK level madness. (Hint: it was probably their mother.)

Soak it in, today marks one week from the day we pack everything up for another year.

The Daily Fix by Boldly Went

Clip of the Day