2019 Team Holopuni Update

photo: Team Holopuni by Liv von Oelreich

At approximately 4:20 AM AKDT today, R2AK was notified that Team Holopuni had pressed their SOS button on their SPOT tracker. All three team members were picked up by the Canadian Coast Guard in Dixon Entrance and are safe ashore in Prince Rupert, BC. The team is okay and in good spirits thanks to rescue efforts. We’re sending warm wishes to Team Holopuni and gratitude for the US and Canadian rescue forces that intervened.
Last upated June 17, 2019 at 11:00 AM PDT

Update from the team on June 17, 2019 at approximately 2:00 PM PDT:

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As you may have heard, our Race to Alaska didn’t end in Ketchikan as expected, but instead ended with Team Holopuni being rescued from the amazing Canadian Coast Guard. We are all safe and warm in Prince Rupert. As we sailed through the night the weather worsened, and near celestial reef, unexpected high seas (7 feet as reported by the coast guard) crashed over our boat and caused spray skirts to implode. The waves came faster than we could pump the water and soon the water won the battle and the entire canoe was swamped. About 15 miles from land, we couldn’t come ashore and bail. Since we have an outrigger sailing canoe, the amas and bulkhead in the back and front kept her afloat. Our Holopuni Canoe was a seaworthy champ, and may just have saved our lives. After pushing the SOS on our SPOT and calling the Coast Guard on our VHF radio, we waited for 2 hours for rescue. We perched above the 50 degree water as waves crashed around us. While we were short of about 40-45 miles of finishing the 750 mile Race to Alaska, we had an amazing adventure in an astoundingly beautiful part of the world! While we had to abandon the boat this morning, we are working to recover her as she still has the SPOT on her to show her location. Thanks to the Canadian Coast Guard for being there in our time of need. Thanks for all of the well wishes. @racetoalaska #racetoalaska #r2ak #teamholopuni #holopunicanoes

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