2019 Day 14: Things get real, and we find the podcasters

24 Hour Fact Sheet
Clip of the Day
photo: Team Backwards AF by Drew Malcolm

With Team Ziska taking up residence in Hecate Strait, and Team Backwards AF making slow and steady north, the finish line won’t be offering any new stories today, and maybe not tomorrow. Inspired by the lull, the writers are still somewhere between their empty bar stool and completely AWOL. Lucky for us the Boldly Went podcasting crew Polo⁠-ed our Marco and we found them in time to shake them up and down until they coughed out a full 36 minutes of podcast talking about boats. That’s right: the mountain people talk about boats.

They talk to racers, explore the what and the why of the boats that were chosen for this R2AK, and then in true R2AK spirit of speaking loud and declarative without permission, two weeks deep into the boat world they rolled cocky and introduce their own classification system for this race with no classes. Well, clutch my pearls…

Also, we’ve just got to say the Filmboss and crew really rocked it out of the park with today’s Clip of the Day. They’re all good, but this one goes into the corners of the complicated wretch of emotions this race can invoke.

This is Day 14.

The Daily Fix by Boldly Went

24 Hour Fact Sheet

  • Team Ripple sailed out of Ketchikan for a prospective buyer in Prince Rupert.
  • 2: days in a row it hasn’t rained in Ketchikan since the start of the race
  • Holopuni paddled into the dock in Ketchikan—did not ring the bell—after an overnight salvage operation in Dixon Entrance (see photos below by Taylor Bayly).
  • 7 knots: speed that the rowboat Team Backwards AF has reached.
  • 50 miles long and 1 mile long: Grenville Channel, where Backwards AF is currently transiting
  • Money has been placed and wringing hands are worried that both Funky Dory and Try Baby Tri will not make the finish line. Funky Dory has been traveling at an average of less than one knot—.96 knots to be precise. A speed proven not to be fast enough to get to Ketchikan. Try Baby doesn’t have much of an advantage at an average of 1.13 knots over the race.
  • 25th of June: When the Grim Sweeper will round Cape Caution, be south of Calvert Island, and in the hunt for boats.
  • World Record: Jim of 2018 Team Dockrat is the first and only team nabbed by the Grim Sweeper. He is also the only team to arrive in Ketchikan and, as of today, never leave.

Clip of the Day