2019 Day 13: It takes a village

24 Hour Fact Sheet
Clip of the Day
photo: Team Solveig by Taylor Bayly

We’re not sure if in this millennial-ridden world Wednesday is the new Sunday, or if R2AK media creeps are just too busy handling calls from the haranguing nation of the Amanda Knox Fan Club (no really, stay on the line, your call will be answered in the order it was received), but the content in the outbox is noticeably on the lean side today. The Clip of the Day is on point, so are the facts, but there’s not a long-form anything in either written or spoken words.

Luckily, there’s plenty to keep the R2AK nation occupied. Look at all this stuff that’s worth a read:

Bios: When was the last time you spent some quality time with the bios of the 6 teams still out there? Teams Ziska, Backwards AF, Wee Free Men, Solveig, Try Baby Tri, and the Funky Dory boys. We love all of our teams equally, but these were some of our favorites, and their bios are on point (at least some point, they do wander a bit).

48° North article from Bunny Whaler. We didn’t even write this one, so you can be sure it’s cogent. Nate Rooks’ recent article in 48° North talks about his race to Alaska and the glorious aftermath it’s caused in his life.

We also just discovered the blog of Team Backwards AF. It’s a straight ahead blow by blow of what they’ve been up to. Apparently we used up all of the metaphors.

We’ll run a round up on all of the story tellers, but today we’ll all have to get by with the help of our friends.

24 Hour Fact Sheet

Holopuni outrigger canoe towed to Duke Island
  • Yankee Peddlers sold their Santana 20 to a guy named Eric for $500.
  • Marjorie, of Team Ripple, is also looking to unload her Santa Cruz 27. Buy it in Ketchikan and get ‘er cheap.
  • The intrepid volunteer salvage crew have Team Holopuni’s outrigger canoe under tow. They had to spend the night on Duke Island last night, but got underway at first light.
  • 1: Comment online that think Team Funky Dory should quit the race
  • 2: Funky Dory team members that are not done yet
  • 7: R2AK organizers in Ketchikan
  • 2: R2AK organizers in Ketchikan that are going on no sleep because they are producing the Clip of the Day
  • 8: Times we have gone to Ben Ahlvin’s race visualizations in the last two days to see if Backwards AF is beating Ziska
  • 247: Additional miles Ziska has sailed to keep up with the rowboat Team Backwards AF
  • 11: Nautical miles that Ziska is now in the lead of Backward AF

Clip of the Day