2019 Day 11: Finishes, rescues, sidebets explored

24 Hour Fact Sheet
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photo: Team North2Alaska by Drew Malcolm

The last 48 hours of the R2AK rounded out with more finishers and calls for help than we’ve ever seen.

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  • On Sunday evening, Team You Either Do Stuff or You Don’t was pulled from the water from nearby boaters following a capsize and a call for help in Johnstone Strait. The one crew member onboard was ok, and taken to a nearby resort.
  • At approximately 4:20 AM AKDT today, R2AK was notified that Team Holopuni had pressed their SOS button on their SPOT tracker. All three team members were picked up by the Canadian Coast Guard in Dixon Entrance and are safe ashore in Prince Rupert, BC. The team is okay and in good spirits thanks to rescue efforts. We’re sending warm wishes to Team Holopuni and gratitude for the US and Canadian rescue forces that intervened.

Take a listen to Boldly Went’s backstory on the hardscrabble spirit of the boats in the back of the race. They dive deep and laterally into the sidebets of the R2AK.

More finishers expected today, more of the full story tomorrow.

The Daily Fix by Boldly Went

24 Hour Fact Sheet

John Guider of Team You Either Do Stuff or You Don’t enjoying his blueberry muffin

  • Team Wingnuts did the math and decided that rather than pushing for the finish they would turn south and just go sailing. #preemptiveMoitissier
  • The stern-wheelin’ fury of Team R2Ache has overhauled two teams and is knocking on the backdoor of Teams Try Baby Tri and Funky Dory in and around Alert Bay.
  • Team Holopuni’s rescue was initiated by their SPOT’s SOS signal.
  • Team SoggyKru’s solo finish was officially the race’s third fastest time for a solo racer, and unofficially the fastest for a team who was effectively sinking after damage from Stage 1.
  • Team McGuffin Brothers Racing left the dock for their return trip after less than 48 hours in Ketchikan. No news on the status of their canned sprats.
  • The morning after his capsize in Johnstone Strait, the R2AK office pool for “What type of muffin is John Guider eating?” (Team You Either Do Stuff or You Don’t) has even odds for Blueberry and Morning Glory. You be the judge. (see photo)
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