2019 Day 10: Boldly Went’s amuse bouche for R2AK insiders

24 Hour Fact Sheet
Clip of the Day
photo: Team Seaforth Expeditions by Spencer Weber

We could enjoy today’s big stories fresh off the press, but we’re going to cellar them next to the Zinfandels. Today, we’re drinking in Boldly Went’s amuse bouche for R2AK insiders.

In the evening/night of Day 10, four of the teams of the R2AK fired in to the finish line target and hit the mark in a tight scatter pattern⁠—all within an hour of the 9:40 pm bullseye we just invented to make the math work. Teams Seaforth Expeditions, WIP (Water Tight Instant Paradise), Razzle Dazzle, and Yankee Peddlers.

These teams don’t just have stories to tell, but are some of the more colorful set of yayhoos we’ve seen in a while: the first of two aluminum sharpies, Belgians who drank beer all the way, then ate pizza on the dock, Katy Stewart from Razzle Dazzle⁠—head of R2AK’s newly formed Department of Brunch, and the first Craigslist special to cross the line. With that pile of stories in the loading bay, you’d think we’d start shoveling, but in a move that seemingly defines R2AK, we gave the typing monkeys the day off. Why, you might ask? Two potential reasons:

  1. They are down for routinely scheduled maintenance.
  2. Suspense. Do you know how to keep an R2AK fan in suspense?

(We’re just going to let that one hang there for a bit)

So enjoy the fact sheet, the Clip of the Day about Funky Dory, and the podcast from Boldly Went. In a total accidental ego buffet, while you might want to know about the racers who finished today, not only are we not going to write about it, but Boldly Went is going to tell you about us⁠—a behind the scenes look at the crew who bring you the stories of the R2AK (well, at least usually). It’s a story in itself: boats, film makers, internet mavens, and motivational speakers⁠—they even get as close as anyone to understanding how the “anonymous collective” of writers got our mojo hand.

You’re going to love it, and we’re so sure of it that we’re backing it with a 30 day money back guarantee. Enjoy!

The Daily Fix by Boldly Went

24 Hour Fact Sheet

Busy night last night with four teams coming in. Teams WIP and Razzle Dazzle came so close together we had to raft them at the finish line. Let’s do the numbers (yup, stole that from NPR) and it’s Alaska Time folks:

14th Seaforth Expeditions at 8:40 PM
15th WIP at 9:37 PM
16th Razzle Dazzle at 9:52 PM
17th Yankee Peddlers at 10:33 PM

It was a rainy night like many a Ketchikan night. The Ketchikan Yacht Club commodore, Judith, showed up and offered a safe and secure landing for many of the boats and let the teams have a massive grilled cheese get together late in the night. Team Pitoraq delivered pizza for WIP and people came down from at least 4 other teams including….

McGuffin Brothers Racing (MBR) who arrived barefoot in nothing but their Stanfields, which made them iconic Canadian models for the logger demographic. And if you hadn’t heard, MBR ate essentially nothing but cans of fish throughout the whole race. Sprat to be specific. A fish called Sprat. One of their grandfathers in Ottawa went to the store and bought them out of…Sprat. And each of the boys ate three cans a day, or one per meal…every day.

Team SoggyKru was single handling all night and arrived this morning at 9:41 am Alaska Time, becoming the 18th finisher and the first solo team of 2019!!

Team Yankee Peddlers have won the Small Craft Advisor 20 Foot and Under Award! Yankee Peddlers will be awarded $1000 bucks at our Blazer Party in September

We heard from Team Wingnuts and they have done and redone the math and are not going to make Ketchikan before the Grim Sweeper and so have decided to bow out of the race.

Clip of the Day