Team Whitehall Border Patrol

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Team members: Diana Lesieur, Peter Vogel
Hometown: Victoria, BC, Canada
Race vessel: Whitehall Double Slide Seat Rowboat
LOA: 17′
Human propulsion: Rowing

Three truths and a lie (in case your aren’t familiar with this game, three of the four things below are true):

  • Whitehall Rowboats, proud sponsor of the R2AK, and, in our opinion, hands down the best rowboats money can buy (Hint: they are a sponsor, count this one a truth).
  • They added Border Patrol to their name after they alerted the Canadian Coast Guard to several floating bricks of hashish they found floating offshore on one of their training runs.
  • Team Whitehall Border Patrol has perfect attendance, participated in all R2AKs to date.
  • They once beat an an Olympic medalist-laden crew in an identical boat in Stage 1 of the R2AK.

Fun Fact: Whitehall Rowboats’ other product is the Oar Board, which transforms a SUP into a sliding seat rowing machine. Why? Why not.