Team Tri-Harder

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Team members: Gary Prost
Hometown: Stockton, California, USA
Race vessel: CLC Chesapeake Double touring kayak
LOA: 21′
Human propulsion: Paddle

Three truths and a lie (in case your aren’t familiar with this game, three of the four things below are true):

  • R2AK Veteran on Team TBD
  • His Chesapeake Light Craft kayak was designed by the legendary John Harris during his annual ayahuasca cleanse.
  • Has progressively downsized boats during his life, from keelboats to dinghies, to sailing kayaks. His reason: simplicity.
  • His career in the Navy had him thrown into the middle of the Pacific with a half-inflated life raft. He lasted until the helicopter picked him up a day or so later.

Fun fact: After last year’s mid Stage 1 gale that blew more than a few teams as much as 20 miles in the wrong direction, while he plans to push through, he is bringing enough supplies to camp mid race.