Team MaxElla

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Team members: Nikolas Sollitt
Hometown: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Race vessel: Lightspeed Phoenix kayak
LOA: 17′
Human propulsion: Paddle
Connect: instagram

Three truths and a lie (in case your aren’t familiar with this game, three of the four things below are true):

  • Can Eskimo roll like an Inuit.
  • Favorite food: Funyons, hands down.
  • Has prepared for R2AK with mountain climbing and river trips.
  • Considers himself “of slender build” (5’10, 160lbs).

Fun fact: The word “Eskimo” is derived from phrases Algonquins used for their northern neighbors. The Inuit and Yupik peoples do not use it to refer to themselves (…and no, we don’t know if they call rubbing noses “Inuit Kissing.”).