Team Fiddle Faddle

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Team members: Jim Leising, Josefa Leising
Hometown: Bonney Lake, Washington, USA
Race vessel: Santana 20
LOA: 20′
Human propulsion: Articulating sculling oar

Three truths and a lie (in case your aren’t familiar with this game, three of the four things below are true):

  • Has sailed everything from dinghies to coastal cruisers and race boats.
  • Is one of the few sailors known to have transited a lake on an unmodified picnic table.
  • Racing experience includes a college full of dinghy sailing, Swiftsures, Whidbey Island Race Weeks, Round Whidbey, Race to the Straits, and around the cans closer to home.
  • As part of a strategy to cover the R2AK brand space occupied by “Team Crunch and Munch” (recently withdrawn), Team Fiddle Faddle is a sponsored campaign by the same named carmel-covered popcorn.

Fun fact: This is the second Santana 20 to be in the R2AK. Last year Team Kelp rang the bell in Ketchikan after 17 days, 22 hours, 37 minutes.