Team Popsicle Toes

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Team members: George Booth
Hometown: Boise, Idaho USA
Race vessel: Northeaster Dory -Chesapeake Light Craft
LOA: 17
Human propulsion: Rowing

Sailing Bainbridge Island to Alki Point and back on an ‘82 O’Brian windsurfer at an age of unawareness in the stupidity of that.

Taking youth at risk into the backcountry to build trails for the Student Conservation Association. As if knowing how to camp qualifies a college kid to manage messed up school kids? Out in the wild??

Bike adventure from Santiago to Punta Arenas, Chile. Five months on a ’88 Trek 950 that I still own and ride. With my sister to whom I still speak regularly. Adversities included; rain, roads made of river cobble, rain, black flies the size of cockroaches, rain, Patagonian wind, snow, and so on.   

Multiple climbing road trips across western states. Seeking out the classic routes in Yosemite, Tetons, Wind Rivers done in traditional style, seldom camping in designated areas, never leaving a trace. Alpine routes in the U.S. and Canadian Cascade range.

Climbing in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. Unique adversities included negotiations with local resources for various forms of ground transportation and sustenance, contracting Giardiasis at 15,000 ft while bivouaced in a snow cave. Five peaks submitted in 6 weeks including Alpamayo and Huascaran by non standard routes.

And then it seems I ‘grew up’. So I am perhaps supposed to tell you how embarking on training to become a physician was a grand adventure and then how parenting has been perhaps the most daunting and perilous adventure of my life. And those things are true but they are not the same adventures and I still long for the simple complexity of surviving the weather, maintaining some physical strength and trying to put some miles down each day for enough days in a row that it becomes your purpose. I want to do the full race but I am getting old and cautious and I would like to start with just the first day and if you will let me do it and it goes well I hope to request an opportunity to complete the full race next year.

I know how to sail and how to row and how to camp and how to plan and how to suffer and how to deal with the holy shit moments that planning cannot foresee. Your race looks pretty spot on and I want to be part of it.

Welcome to R2AK Popsicle Toes, come suffer with us.