Team Strait to the Pool Room

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Team members: Michelle Riedlinger, Graham Shaw, David Thomson, Jennifer Metcalfe
Hometown: Mission, BC, Canada
Race vessel: Shaw
LOA: 34′
Human propulsion: sliding seat rowing station, a pedal drive prop and paddles

If Adam Smith has anything to say about it, you should just stay in your lane. Don’t deviate, don’t dabble, don’t crosstrain, don’t even look sideways at the thing if it isn’t your widget. As far as the Mr. Division of Labor is concerned, the way to holistic happiness is to do what you are best at, full stop. Theoretically, you could be pretty good at a few things or really good at one, and if everybody just did the thing they were really good at then we’d have so much more. Said another way, happiness is consumption, and if we all do the thing that we are best at, then we can all produce more, consume more, happy more.

Team Strait to the Pool room apparently didn’t take Econ 101 like we did, and while our jealously-driven ire should end there, we are also jealous/proud by the way they have also unknowingly owned the ghost of econ past by doing everything, doing it all pretty well, and seemingly having a great time doing it.

What did they do with all of the time they didn’t spend studying the effects on monetary policy? How about designing and building their own cruising trimaran and sailing it from Canada to Australia. They’ve bike toured through Spain, Norway, and China. Whitewater rafted, climbed the volcanoes in Mongolia and Siberia, it’s a crew with James Bond level experience…and then there is this guy:

“David doesn’t have a lot of experience with running away to sea, but he does have a long history of running away, starting at age six (actually he just hid in the barn for waiting for the sounds of a search party that never came). Then came a two-week bike trip through Nova Scotia at age 14.”

By his account, he was in that barn for 8 years. Years. That’s dedication, that’s tenacity, that’s potentially our new favorite typo. Either way these are our people.

Their boat is the 34’ custom designed and built catamaran they sailed up from Australia. That’s right, they sold the trimaran that got them there, then designed and built a cruising catamaran to bring them back to Canada. If we assume that they did all of this in preparation for the 2018 R2AK, then it is safe to say that they have been doing one thing since 1978, and the world is a happier place because of it. Score one for Adam Smith.

Welcome to the R2AK, Team Strait to the Pool Room. Lucky for David, Coast Guard helicopters make a fair bit of noise.