First Federal’s Team Sail Like A Girl

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Team members: Aimee Fulwell, Jeanne Assael Goussev, Allison Dvaladze, Anna Stevens, Haley King Lhamon, Kate Hearsey McKay, Morgana Buell, Kelly Adamson Danielson
Hometown: Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA
Race vessel: Melges 32
LOA: 32′
Human propulsion: bike and row
Connect: website, facebook, instagram

Life pulling them in a million directions, 8 women seek R2AK bid as a breather.

Getting kids up, fed, dressed, and out the door to school; jobs in consulting, law, public health, therapy, business, marine electronics, data, expanding access to cancer care around the world, running companies, providing occupational therapy for children, and more; commuting by boat, car, bus, foot, bike, and plane; travelling for work around the world; household duties: laundry, dishes, mowing the lawn, spreading mulch, preparing meals, cleaning, bills, shuttling to kids activities, entertaining, birthday parties, training, triathlons, horseback riding, open-water swimming, children’s homework, recitals; and always connected through phones, computers, work, email…

It’s no wonder they are yanking the motor out of a Melges32, grabbing oars and a few pedal drives, and heading for Alaska. No shower, no kitchen, sleeping in shifts… R2AK is a walk in the park compared to their daily lives. This is their chance to be soaked head to toe for days while breathing the salty sea air, free from the duties of cooking, laundry, and errands. No email, no weeding, no traffic, no ferries—just 750 miles of unpredictable seas, a boat, and 8 women armed with oatmeal, protein powder and power bars.

Welcome to R2AK, Team Sail like a Girl. Let the whirlpools be your masseuse.

Team Sail Like a Girl is the winner of the First Federal Video Contest. Watch the video.