Team Lost Boys

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Team members: Marcus Alden, Niki Alden, Dillon Kilroy
Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
Race vessel: Corsair F24 mkI
LOA: 24′
Human propulsion: Pedal power
Connect: facebook

In a lot of ways, culture along the R2AK race route has seen big changes since the Gold Rush made it famous in the 1880’s. Then it was a steam-driven gamble whether you’d make it or not. Today, you can stop mid-race and get legally gay/weed married regardless of which state or province you happen to be in. All of that progress, but Google the term “father-daughter” and, unless you’re a creep, what your search engine gives you is a boatload of sites dedicated to the old-timey assumption that the primary function of a father to his daughter is talking about or symbolically giving away her reproductive function: wedding dances, cotillion success strategies, “the talk.”

Team Lost Boys’ father/daughter/player-to-be-named-later entry into the R2AK stands tall as an example that in the today part of history, there are some pretty hoo-ra ways to pass on family legacy through the lady side of the family.

With a lineage that reaches back 4 seafaring generations, Team Lost Boys takes pride in their great-great-greats who were sea captains, then plunges their next human iteration into 750 miles of cold water adventure. The Alden family has worked the sea for a few generations now and continues to seek greenwater baptisms to make sure their pups earn their salt. The two-generation snapshot onboard Team Lost Boys can claim lives beyond ordinary—spent on and around the water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Bering Sea, growing up in Dutch Harbor, whitewater rafting, diving, kayaking, collegiate sailing, professional mariner-ing, and even an R2AK. Team Lost Boys took a bite out of 2016 before bowing out after they found the better part of valor.

Since then she’s been running the circuit sailing up and down the coast for Western Washington University’s sailing team, and is a summertime free agent for the PNW sailing scene; pickup muscle for races around the state. He’s kept his sailing salty, worked the fishing grounds for another two years and dropped 80 pounds to lighten the boat enough to bring along a third crew on their second bid for R2AK glory.

Welcome back, Team Lost Boys. Do your lineage proud.