2018 Day 22: Ravenous like Odysseus

The R2AK credits are rolling, the lights are coming up, and a chorus of fat ladies are midway through this year’s final verse. Team Ravenous’s finish yesterday put the final nail in R2AK 2018’s empty coffin. 27 days after the fleet expelled themselves from Port Townsend and we’re packing up the red phone and put a two-word auto-reply on the email: “We Done.”

It was a year of firsts: first monohull to win, first all-woman team to win, and the first time the weather caused problems not by being too much but by never really showing up. We had first blood for the Grim Sweeper and the first time any team ‘raced’ Hecate Strait’s 50-mile open water detour and headed to Haida Gwaii (also, possibly the first time a beach cat/lake toy has decided it was a good idea to sail there). They weren’t the first to find themselves heading places other than home. That was Odysseus:

“We are Achaians coming from Troy, beaten off our true course by winds from every direction across the great gulf of the open sea, making for home, by the wrong way, on the wrong courses. So we have come.”

Team Ravenous has achieved the dubious record of most miles to Ketchikan. Some will say this is a 750-mile race, but not them. They had ambition.

The miles took their toll: blown out spinnaker, leaky hulls taking on water, and their food supply exhausted. That’s when they decided they should both sleep while underway in the fabled wave machine that is Dixon Entrance. We spend our last daily update talking to them as to why (and silently thanking the higher powers).

photo credit: Katrina Zoƫ Norbom