R2AK 2017 Team Twin Turbo

Team Twin Turbo

Team Name: Twin Turbo
Team members: Stephen Harris-Smith
Hometown: San Rafael, California USA
Race vessel: Hobie Mirage Adventure Island
LOA: 18
Human propulsion: Mirage pedal
Connect: Facebook

My sailing life started at the age of thirteen. As a member of the Canadian Sea Cadets I and a mate set off to learn to sail a dinghy. He had the sheet and I was on the tiller. Being cool kids who just learned how to smoke my mate decided he wanted a smoke so let go of the sheet to light up. The boat heeled over my way but we were still good. Until he came chasing after and over we went. He quit Sea Cadets that day but I had such a good time I considered it my salt water baptism.

Since then. (Not necessarily in chronological order)

Sailed Vancouver Bay with a buddy in a Cal 20 with a Thermos of Coffee and Rum.
Sailed Long Beach harbor in Los Angeles on an Enterprise 16. Hiking straps = six-pack abs.
Crewed and cruised from LA to Puerto Vallarta.
Crewed and cruised from Acapulco to San Diego.
Crewed during winter racing in Seattle.
Charter bare boat two or three times a year and do day sails on San Francisco Bay.
Current boat has taken me all over the SF bay in all sorts of conditions and I have logged over two thousand miles. Same boat I will be using for the event. I plan on doing the first leg then sneak off for a week or so in the San Juan Islands. Wanted to do this from day one but had a family conflict for the dates of the event. Now I can make it happen! Hoopla!

Hoopla!  We couldn’t agree more.  Welcome to R2AK Team Twin Turbo