R2AK 2017 Team Hodge

Team Hodge

Team Name: Hodge
Team members: Robert Hodge
Hometown: Seattle, Washington USA
Race vessel: Oozegooze
LOA: 17′
Human propulsion: Oar
R2AK cred: 2016 Proving Ground Finisher
Connect: Website, Facebook, Video

Hodge has been here before and his wisdom is revealing in his choice of favorite piece of safety gear (crash pump), favorite piece of clothing (fleece pajama pants his wife made for him) that he wears under his other favorite gear – an Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit.  And yes, he rode his Vespa to the R2AK tailgate party in the suit and partied in it all night.  

First job was building police cars- installing radios, lights sirens, etc. at around 10 years old.

At 12 years old he was the youngest person to hold Illinois state’s most advanced certification for severe weather and tornado spotting and stood underneath and looked up thru the eye of a tornado and seen blue sky.

Taught himself to sail on a sunfish on lake sawyer.

Led amphibious beach assaults from the lake in the water balloon war games. Leading a platoon of 15 middle schoolers in paddle boats to storm a beach is something he’d highly recommend doing. Especially if you shell the beach with 3-man water ballon slingshots from the boats first to soften up their defenses.

He’s been accused of having a near photographic memory

Can start a mean campfire in less than optimal conditions, and in several ways not involving matches

He’s rebuilt and raced old Vespa scooters. Raced old Vespa scooters- Took second In the 2001 season. At speeds up to ninety miles and hour

He’s put significant time in on the Minnow and his crew is a big ass stuffed monkey.

He broached off Nodule point after midnight, sailed in 4-5 foot rollers and did the first leg of the R2AK in 2016.

He know this boat, and how it reacts, what both the boat and his limits are.

Welcome Team Hodge to R2AK 2017.  We’ve seen the boat and the fact that you have come back for another round, proves true your claim, “I don’t rattle easy.”