R2AK 2017 Team Willpower

Team Willpower

Team Name: Willpower
Team Members: Piotr Zin, Ross Carmichael
Hometown: Seattle, WA USA
Race vessel:  Seascape 27
LOA: um…27 or thereabouts
Human propulsion: Pedals and SUP paddles
Connect: Website, Facebook,
Sponsors: Firefly International Energy

You know when you meet people that are like better versions than yourself? There are two options, the high road of being benevolently impressed and supportive, and the one we take; thinly veiled envy with passive dislike ascending to clouded admiration and a dark halleluiah right around happy hour.

When we get to that level of truth, Team Willpower looks to be the better version of all of us, dammit.

If we went sailing, they did it twice and on boats as varied as high twitch racing cats and traditional schooners. If we’ve thought about pedal drives, they rode the bikes down the west coast of this continent, the east coast of another, and around both islands of New Zealand. Motorcycle much? They rode past Sturgis on their way to Michigan on a 49cc moped. You think you’re a PNW pure blood? They live in houseboats in the middle of Seattle- it’s literally easier for them to get to their boat than their car, and given the speed of traffic vs the speed of their sled the choice of commute is no question. Water over roads whatever chance they get. We can see this as admirable in our best moments, enviable in the middle case, and if we’re honest a wagging middle finger as we walk away in most of the cases.

Envious? We biked to work because we didn’t have gas money, crewed on slower tallships that sank, rented beach resort Hobies without the jib, and rode our scooter until it blew up half-way to where we were going. Team Willpower is like the Hollywood version of us. They are as cool as we think we are.

Hate them. Hate them in the best way.

It gets worse/better. Their badassery doesn’t end with their lifestyle. Their boat is purpose built to be a contender for whatever bare knuckle grudge match it tees up for. Seascape is an up and comer in the boat world and when most sailboat lines are shrinking or folding, Seascape has a rising following in Europe and beyond – these guys have earned their impressive as much as we’ve justified our self-deprecation. Square headed main and trailerable race cruiser? Last year an 18 made a successful solo run to Alaska and bested the raw power of alone, calms and 1.0 pedal drives- 18 days and change, not too shabby.

The Seascape 27 is a beast that brings more than 1/3 better over its 18 foot cousin. The 27 is billed as the race cruiser, production inspired by the mini-Transat (non-sailing nerds, translation here) and has plied the shit out of Europe’s sailing circuit. Slovenia built, Croatian proven and drooling at the R2AK. If the R2AK-2016 was Seascape’s North American coming out party, with a bigger boat, double the crew and their entry into 2017 the race could be the Seascape pride parade. Rupaul, mark it on your calendar. Work it girl, do your thing. Sashay, shante, Seascape.

2017 is your chance at the money shot, Tris be damned.

Welcome to the R2AK Team Willpower. Rooting for you is like rooting for a more attractive and successful version of ourselves. Even if that occasionally implies we’re a 3rd tier drag queen, we love the hell out of pretending we’re whatever version of you seems momentarily most relevant.