R2AK 2017 Team Triceratops

Team Triceratops

Team Name: Triceratops
Team Members: Jacob Warman, Gabrielle Tigan, Steve Ressler
Hometown: San Francisco, California USA
Race vessel: Corsair F-27
LOA: 27′
Human propulsion: Pedal Drive and Oars
Connect: Facebook, YouTube

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

To be clear, we don’t mean when you started binge watching the whatever new show online to maintain your “Oh, I don’t have a TV” fabricated high ground. We dont care about that. When was the last time you tried something significant for the first time, something big?

If you’re reading this without the aid of a parent, chances are it’s been a while. Our early years are an assembly line of big firsts: breath, cry, poop, smile, steps, word, poop in toilet, day of school, fight, crush, sex, car, love, job. Those first firsts are done young and with wild and short lived abandon (with maybe the exception of the toilet). Before you knew better you tried things all in, failed hard, fast and in the moment; your pants got washed, your grammar got corrected, your nose got bloodied, you were told that it was quick but would be better next time. It’s been said that prudence is the threshold between youth and experience; the farther we get from “theoretical 25” the more firsts look cautious; which returns us to the premise- when did you start getting old? Chances are it’s somewhere between the first time you chose truth instead of dare and when you re-read this bio and realize “Wait, this is their first race, like…ever? Shouldn’t they do some sort of warmup first?

Team Triceratops has collectively done a lot of things, but their big race experience is a lot like that girl from Canada we met at summer camp who we talked about to keep the skeptics at bay: straight and theoretical. As a crew they’ve sailed up and down the east coast, Bahama’d, Baja’d, San Juan Island’d but as yet have never AK’d, and maybe more telling: they’ve never R’d to anywhere (let alone R-ing to AK). As opposed to their fellow racers who have the R2AK culminate their years of yacht club youth racing, collegiate pursuits, semi/pro sailing for hire, and punched their ticket on the big ocean races, Team Trieceratops captain is using the R2AK as his deep-end plunge into competition. It’s like going to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try and ordering page 3 – dabbling is for suckers, the prudent, and people afraid of prices listed as “market”. His bolt-on solution for racing experience are a couple of crew whose sailing experience includes a few starting sequences, Viking ancestry, and growing up in Newport, Rhode Island- Yachtietown, USA.

Team Triceratops have thrust themselves three hulls deep into their pursuit, choosing an F-27 trimaran with a pedal drive in the outboard well- a serious boat for punching north; a solid platform for their enthusiasm to meld with their experience. With luck and hard work they could find themselves in the fast half of the pack…which is both a reflection of their boat’s potential speed and technically true for every team.

Welcome to the R2AK Team Triceratops, as opposed to some other firsts we hope this one goes faster than you anticipated.