R2AK Team SailPro

Team SailPro

Team Name: SailPro
Team Members:  Agnieszka Schramm-Newth, Rich Harman, Lance Harman and Scot Domergue
Hometown: Isle of Wight, UK
Race vessel: 34′ Crowther Buccaneer Catamaran (bought sight unseen)
Human propulsion: Oars, paddles, “and stuff”
Connect: Website, Facebook, YouTube,

Note Crew Change:  it was Mateusz Kubik, Blazej Worsztynowicz and Szymon Kuczynski.  Agnieszka Schramm-Newth is the only original crew as of June 7th.

To find the narrative arc within Team SailPro’s application is like trying to squint at at a bowl of skittles until you see a constellation, an act not empirically dissimilar to ancient people squinting at a sky of infinite stars until they saw a bear that is also a pan. Imagine that argument: It’s a big bear. No, it’s a big dipper. Red state / Blue state has nothing on Bear vs Pan.

How is that relevant? No clue, but truly it has less to do with weed being legal at both ends of this race and more about us staring at the Skittle bowl application of the R2AK’s newest team and trying to make sense of it all.

Team SailPro’s application rolls deep into the kind of poetic non sequitur usually reserved to Tom Waits songs. Four Polish expats from the Isle of Wight decide they want to sail to Hawaii. Step one: Go to Seattle buy a boat and sail 750 miles in the wrong direction as part of the R2AK. It only makes sense if you know why they are sailing to Hawaii: they want to sail from Indonesia to Europe… a place they already are. Luckily none of them are named Mustaffa, because a story that random might not make it past Customs. Break out the long gloves and the special room.

In the ever widening geographic net of the R2AK, Team SailPro is the first team to attempt to fly the Union Jack into Ketchikan, weirder is that the part of the UK they hail from is the Isle of Wight, a small island/big rock off the south coast that is usually associated with old poets, Jeremy Irons and highly feared Dungeons and Dragons monsters (XP: 1,400, damage plus level drain, hit only by magical weapons +1 or better)

Next on the Isle of Wight short list: Polish adventure sailors. For real, this team is legit.

Whether they are escaping the poetry, mythical monsters, or taking Brexit to the next level, these four Wight people have mad sailing chops. Trans Atlantics (4), circumnavigations (1), tens of thousands of ocean miles between them, certifications to spare, and the “Why the hell not?” ethic that let’s them buy a boat sight unseen in another hemisphere with the cocksure shoulder shrug that knows things will be ok. One reason- the 34′ trimaran from the legendary pen of multihull legend Lock Crowther whose designs have won races, crossed oceans, and even made it across the finish line of the R2AK (2016- Team Golden Oldies)

They’ve been around the world and across the pond, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Irish Sea- next stop is Ketchikan.

Welcome to the R2AK Team SailPro. We agree, it’s a much better name than Team Wight Flight. Good choice.