R2AK 2017 Team Nomadica

Team Nomadica

Team Name: Nomadica
Team Members: Ryan (The Wedge) Wegwitz
Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia CA
Race vessel: Windrider 17
LOA: 17′
Human propulsion: Sliding seat & sweep oars
Connect: Facebook
R2AK Cred: admitted to stalking 2015 teams in and around Campbell River, 2016 Full Race almost finisher

Sometimes life works like this: It’s the 1980’s and you’re a boat crazy kid from Vancouver Island who gets an outboard and a leaky skiff for your 14th birthday. You promptly get into seas big enough to kill the motor and have to row like hell before you smashed by an oil tanker and or drift across an international border. Then you meet a boat crazy kid from Vancouver Island who got a leaky skiff and a marginal outboard for his 10th birthday and also got into seas big enough to kill the motor before he drifted into…you get the idea.

In R2AK 2016 Ryan and Brian formed Team Nordica, a VanIsle bromance decades in the making.  They turned 40 and rather than the sports car and a 20 year old, they stayed married and cashed in their midlife crisis card on the the R2AK.

Team Nordica was like Thelma and Louise, but for dudes…and probably without the sex with Brad Pitt.

Their race finished midway and in keeping with the story of midlife: halfway up. The wind was unkind and died on the small boats of 2016; Team Nordica rowed 1,500 pounds of two guys, their gear and a 16′ boat the length of Vancouver Island before calling it off and heading for home. They say discretion is the better part of valor. They are in their 40s.

Despite pleas from his children not to, and pleas and encouragement from his wife’s insurance policy– Ryan is back, cutting loose the discretion-er part of his 2016 crew’s valor, going solo, and slimming down his combined vessel/crew weight from 1,500 to something closer to 500. Duo to mono, Monohull to tri: Ryan found a Windrider 17 on Craisgslist and decided to give it a go; sails, pedal powered paddle wheels. It’s a not a tiny trimaran, it’s a rocket canoe with training wheels with side effects.

Welcome Back to the R2AK Team Nomadica: 50% team Nordica, 40% Nomad, 10% little blue pills. Our hunch: it might take a while, but this year he’ll make it all the way up.