R2AK 2017 Team Ketch me if u can

Team Ketch me if U can

Team Name: Team Ketch me if U can
Team Members: Stephane Lesaffre, Jeremy Boyette
Hometown: San Francisco, California USA
Race vessel: Nacra Inter 20
LOA: 20
Human propulsion: Pedal drive — designed & built by Jeremy
Connect: Facebook, Youtube
R2AK Cred: 2016 Finishers on Team It Ain’t Brain Surgery: It’s BINBA.  9th Place

If you put yourself into the future and flip to the index of the forthcoming book that our present selves just decided to write (“Puns: a survival guide”), Team Ketch Me If U Can appears in the book exactly two times. First in the chapter covering boat names (Nauti Girl, Why Knot?, B-Yacht-Ch, etc), and it’s also included in the taxonomy of puns as an example of a Level Two Pun, defined by future us as an explicit or implied ambiguity that confuses the pun’s intended meaning. Ketch me if U can? Is this a play on the race destination, or a type of sailing vessel mixed with a Leonardo DiCaprio reference? Both? Neither? We’re absolutely baffled, serious Level Two action.

Whatever they meant, Team Ketch Me if U Can is made up of two of the three who charged north last year as Team It Aint Brain Surgery. When we saw them on the dock in Ketchikan they were exhausted, their consciousness still visibly rattling around in their heads in the wide eyed disbelief of what they had just gone through. It was hairy. They were in a gale, running down wind in weather so violent that in the dark they couldn’t tell where the wind swept spray ended and the churned up waves began. It was as intense as camping (“in tents“, get it?), but time wore the edges off the harsh memories and they were lured back to the fold by the chance to face that same weather in a boat whose main design imperative is that it’s worth as little as possible. They were tempted by the siren’s song of the R2AK Buyback Program.

Because for some people the R2AK isn’t a bad enough idea, we put up $10,000 for the first team to finish who wants to sell us their boat for $10,000. Why? Because either it’s the golden ticket idea that encourages the willing horde of humble craft into adventure, or simply a PR stunt more like a monocle (monocle? Small spectacle, keep up- wait, what do you mean that’s not a pun?)

Either way, these guys did the math and spent $7,200 on their gambit for the other 10k: a Nacra Inter 20, the famed beach cat that has cleaned up in other long-distance races like the Great Texas 300, the Tybee 500, and the legendary Worrell 1000 that pitted small catamarans against the southern 1,000 miles of the of the east coast since the 70’s. The common denominator in all of those races? Hotels at night and the warm water of the south. Either someone missed a memo or these two are clinging to the idea that adrenaline and the heat of buyback greed can keep them warm in the part of the world that has an inverse bear/hotel ratio as Florida and is only described as south by people living in the relatively more miserable Alaska.

More than an excuse to fail at the humor of Laffy Taffy and older male relatives (no pun there, just an awkward truth) these guys are legit small cat racers and have trapped out on two hulls as near as their home towns, as far as Hong Kong and even competed in 260 mile Hobie Philippines Challenge- a shorter, warmer, catered version of the R2AK. They’ve got a bunch of ocean sailing, Hawaii two or three times, and they’ve done an Ironman or two but that was in college, and they were just experimenting (Less of a pun, more of a dirty joke.)

Welcome to the R2AK Team Ketch Me if U Can, we’re glad you’re here. Call us racist, but we like the R2AK better than those other Hobie races, too.