R2AK 2017 Team Big Broderna

Team Big Broderna

Team Name: Big Broderna
Team Members: Nels and Lars Strandberg, and some guy they haven’t found yet
Hometown: Anacortes, Washington USA
Race vessel:  F31 trimaran
LOA: 30.8
Human propulsion: Custom Pedal Drive
R2AK cred: Full race 2015 (DNF) and 2016, WR finish by a Trimaran 4 days, 16 hours, 30 minutes

Victory and defeat. Seemingly binary concepts whose true meaning can be blurred in that sometimes appear as their opposites.

The Brothers Broderna were one of the first teams in the R2AK’s inaugural year and sailed so hard they snapped their mast in a full gale in Johnstone strait and exited the race a few hundred miles early. They might not have finished the R2AK but they one won admiration and an epic story that made the highlight reel whenever someone said “Tell me about the R2AK.” They licked their wounds, honed their chops and added a crew member and a bigger boat and came back for a second helping of gale force winds in 2016. In year two they came in third and finished so fast that they smashed the trimaran record by nearly 12 hours.

Glory at last, sort of.
How did we honor their achievement- by screwing up the facts and publicly giving the distinction to someone else at last year’s Blazer Party.

Victory and defeat, winners and losers can be confused easily if you’re not paying attention… unless you’re the folks who announced the wrong name, then you are the clear losers. Let us clear up the record for the final time: The R2AK World Record for fastest trimaran goes to…La La Land.

The fact that these guys transcended our f-up-ery and didn’t beat us up was remarkable (…and thank god for that. they are really big, and likely Vikings) They decided that revenge was best served cold, and wet, and all the way to Alaska. Team Broderna entered again with a bigger boat and the new name Team Big Broderna, becoming the first three-time repeat offenders to enter the race. Their attendance is perfect, our attention to detail- less so.

One snapped mast, one world record, the trend suggests this year might be a title run

With a crew of two huge Nords and a player to be named later, and one of the fastest designs from Ian Farrier’s F-set of trimarans, Team Broderna is an early favorite for top honors that, if they win, history dictates they will be summarily ignored.

Welcome back to the R2AK Team Big Broderna we promise that your race will be the one thing we fact check.