R2AK's Team Rush Aweigh

Team Rush Aweigh

Team Name: Rush Aweigh
Team members: Kevin and David Rush
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Race vessel: Montgomery 17
LOA: 17′
Human propulsion: Oar
Connect: Facebook

Why does anyone sign up for this thing? An engineless charge to Alaska is an alluring one for a certain kind of so and so, but there’s an ongoing debate around here about how much people sign up for the R2AK because of rational decision making versus being drawn to it and simply allowing themselves to go a few stops too far on the bus ride of fate. Not saying yes, but allowing themselves to not say no. No makes things simple, yes makes them complicated, and abdicating choice for come what may is a murky existential middle ground inhabited by the likes of Samuel Beckett, Oedipus, and anyone in the US who cast a ballot for a third party candidate. What are they doing? They’re waiting for Perot.

While it’s hard to know if the brothers of Team Rush Aweigh ended up in the Race to Alaska on accident or by their own deliberations, there is no doubt that their family’s sailing pedigree was the fated bus route that got them in the sketchy neighborhood of the R2AK’s starting line. These brothers have been sailing together and apart from the time their (totally non-oedipal) mother and father got them on the water growing up in British Columbia in the time when the Voyage of the Dove was still a book untainted by a bad movie adaptation. Since those early days they’ve pursued sailing lives of substance racing Cals, Cats, cruising whatever coast they were on at the time, as well as global cruising grounds: Croatia, Greece, English Channel, Caribbean- add on some canoe trips, triathlons, and a few decades and you have a powder keg of fate lit for the R2AK.

Their choice of boat seems a bit of E) All of the above, in that they did choose to go to Alaska in a 17 foot boat but D) None of the above, neither one of them have ever done a trip on one.

Mad Experience, family relations, a tiny ass boat– Did they sign up for the R2AK by their own volition or in acquiescence of a cosmic plan?
Who cares.

We think the band that bears their name put it best: “If you choose not to decide, you have made your choice.” Well said, and if we’ve learned anything from Oedipus it’s that the question of choice versus fate might not even matter that much…especially if your mom is hot.

Welcome to the R2AK Team Rush Aweigh, if it’s an option we’ll side with your band: “I will choose free will.”