2017 Stage 2, Day 9: Adventure of a Lifetime

Do you ever look at those rock climbing magazines with photo spreads of big wall climbers camped on a free hanging tent suspended from a single anchor and swinging over 4,000 feet of freefall and think “Dude.” Did you ever wonder how that image came to exist? That to capture that image you need someone who is ready to climb that same wall, but a little bit faster and with the added weight of a camera. That deserves its own utterance of climbing wonder. “Dude.”

In today’s Daily Fix Race Boss Daniel evans talks to Liv and Tony, the crew of the tiny red inflatable that has been zooming around the race course to fill your mind with “Dude” inducing photos and stories. Having just done the inside passage in a 15′ inflatable, their story is dude-worthy in itself. We’ll also get a mid-race report from Team Kelp who are hanging in and keeping on.

House cats may shudder at the unfortunate homonym, but this is your Daily Fix.